Furniture paint effects

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you're hoping to revive a yard sale find, your favourite piece is looking a little outdated or you want to jazz up a plain new piece, you can give an old or new piece of furniture new life by using a paint effect. An alternative to a simple coat of paint, paint effects, like ragging, distressing or combing, can give a piece of furniture a unique look.

Age It

If you'd prefer your new piece of furniture show a bit more age, you can age your piece using a few paint techniques. Use wax or a crackle or distressing glaze to create a distressed look with paint for a rustic, aged look. For a more worn, shabby chic style, try colour rubbing. Colour rubbing includes sanding or rubbing paint away to expose the wood underneath. To make your aged piece of furniture look authentic, be sure to add worn spots to places that would normally appear worn after years, like corners and edges.

Add Texture

If you're looking for a way to add depth to a particular piece, use a paint effect to add texture to the piece. Before applying the technique, add a single coat of paint to your furniture. Then, apply a second colour that is lighter or darker than the first colour using your paint effect. Texture paint effects include a wide variety of methods, such as combing, dragging, ragging, sponging and splattering. Each technique uses different common items you'd find around your house like a rag, paintbrush or sponge.

Go Faux

If you have ever wanted a piece of furniture to look like something else, a faux finish may be what you want. Faux finishes are paint effects that make an object look like something else, such as marble, wood or even fabric. Application processes for each of these paint techniques vary, and applying a true faux finish that looks like marble or something else is often very time consuming.

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