Top Engineering Colleges in the UK

Updated February 21, 2017

The top engineering colleges in the United Kingdom are also among the best universities in the world. Some of the world's leading institutions of higher education are found in the U.K. These institutions have partly established their worldwide reputation because of the strength of their engineering programs. These engineering schools lead the way in providing new and innovative research methods within the discipline of engineering that often lead to new technologies and discoveries in the field.

University of Oxford

One of the top engineering schools in the United Kingdom is located at the University of Oxford. The engineering department at Oxford was ranked 11th in the world by the Times Higher Education supplement in 2009. The school offers engineering degrees in all of the major sub-disciplines in the engineering field. At the undergraduate level, Oxford offers two major areas of study: engineering science and engineering, economics and management. Aside from these programs, Oxford is best known for its graduate engineering programs which include advanced degrees at both the masters and doctoral degree levels. The basic approach of the department is to blend theory with application to develop newly emerging technologies. Oxford is a leading innovator in fields such as control, vision and information engineering, opto-electronic and electrical engineering and even offshore and civil engineering.

Department of Engineering Science University of Oxford Parks Road OXFORD OX1 3PJ UK 44-0-18-6527-3000

Imperial College, London

Imperial College in London ranked sixth in 2009 for its engineering program. The engineering faculty at Imperial College consists of nine primary departmental divisions. Some of these include the fields of aeronautics, earth science and engineering and biomedical engineering. Research at the institution is heavily funded and benefits from the highly interdisciplinary approach taken by faculty members and students alike. Research at Imperial College has resulted in the creation of several companies such as Nexeon and Novacem. In addition to its research emphases, Imperial College emphasises innovative teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students benefit from the use of learning technology strategies that are researched and implemented by a team of professionals hired specifically for that purpose. This has resulted in the implementation of various distance learning opportunities that makes the educational experience more convenient.

Imperial College London South Kensington Campus London SW7 2AZ U.K. 44-0-20-7679-3912

University of Cambridge

The top engineering college in the U.K. is located at the University of Cambridge. Cambridge was ranked No. 4 by the Times Higher Education Supplement for 2009 among all engineering schools worldwide. Research themes emphasised across a broad range of disciplines include areas such as cognitive systems engineering, sustainable development and engineering for the life sciences. The university's engineering faculty is divided among six major research divisions, which all share these various emphases. This interdisciplinary and collaborative approach is one of the major strengths of the department. Cambridge is home to several prominent engineering research centres as well. Some of the areas covered by the centres include areas such as nanotechnology, materials processing and advanced photonics.

Cambridge University Department of Engineering Trumpington Street Cambridge CB2 1PZ U.K. +44-0-12-2333-2600

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