Wallpaper border & decorating ideas

Written by elizabeth arnold | 13/05/2017
Wallpaper border & decorating ideas
Hang a decorative wallpaper border to create a customised home decor style. (natural grunge border image by Dumitrescu Ciprian from Fotolia.com)

Hang wallpaper border to instantly liven up boring walls. If you are decorating on a budget, use a border, rather than all-over wallpaper, to update a room. Enhance neutral-hued walls with vibrantly coloured or decorative borders. Use a wallpaper border to tie a room decor style or colour scheme together. Borders can also be used to tone down the look of busy walls, or to separate several wall colours or wallpaper styles.

Accent a Ceiling

Create the illusion of higher ceilings with a decorative wallpaper border. Hang a border directly under the ceiling. Use a seashell-patterned border to accent soft turquoise walls in a beach-themed bedroom. Place a green, lavender, pink and light yellow floral-patterned border against a white wall in a garden-inspired space. You can also use the floral border to complement white-and-green striped wallpaper for a fresh style.

Wallpaper Divider

Use a plain border to divide two different wallpaper patterns. For a nautical look, hang a navy blue border around the centre of the room, reminiscent of a chair railing, to separate blue-and-white striped and red anchor-patterned wallpaper. Go sophisticated and separate black-and-white, toile-patterned and striped wallpaper with a black border.

Highlight a Doorway

Trim the edge of a doorway with a border for a decorative look. If your living room features plain white or taupe walls and wood doors, hang an earthy-hued wallpaper border for a rustic look. Choose a burnt orange, sage green, burnished gold or rich red leaf-patterned border based on the room's colour scheme.

Window Trim

If your bedroom or living room windows feature uninspired white blinds or shades, accent them with eye-catching wallpaper border. Hanging a border may be less costly then buying curtains. For a room with neutral walls, add a colour pop with a yellow or grass green border. Enhance a nature-themed room by hanging colourful bird or dragonfly-patterned borders around the windows.

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