Things to do for an Adult Birthday Party

Updated February 21, 2017

Adult birthday parties can be just as fun as the ones you remember from your childhood, just a little more mature and updated. There are a variety of ideas you can try for that upcoming adult birthday party in your future, be it your own, a family member's or friend's. Learn some great ideas for adult birthday parties to make the next one an unforgettable celebration.

Delicious Dinner Out

A dinner out on the town with friends can be a delicious way to have a small party for someone. Find out the birthday person's favourite foods or restaurants in your area. Also, find out what kind of birthday celebration they want---be it a quiet atmosphere or a place where they can let loose and enjoy good music and laughter. Make it different from a normal dinner out by having a personalised cake delivered to the restaurant, tying balloons around the chairs and table or renting out the back room.

Wine Tasting

A wine tasting is another fun idea you can do for an adult birthday party. Set one up at a local restaurant or do it at someone's house. Coordinate with all of the guests so that no one brings the same bottle of wine. You can all even pitch in £3 or £6 to get the birthday person an ultra-fancy bottle of wine. If you want, set a price limit so guests don't feel like they've chipped in more than others. Just make sure none of your guests drinks and drives: use a taxi service or designate a driver.

Surprise Fun

Surprise parties are another route you can take for an adult birthday party. Invite guests discretely and surprise the birthday person at her home or bring her to a restaurant where everyone is waiting. Surprise parties are flattering birthday celebrations, as the thought and work that goes into them can be tedious because it all must be kept a secret.

Birthday Getaway

A group trip can be another way, if you and guests all agree and can afford it, to celebrate someone's special day. Go to a lively city that is adult-appropriate like New Orleans or Las Vegas or go to a quiet resort in the countryside or on the beach. Just make sure you plan this kind of celebration months in advance so that all guests attending can plan ahead. This celebration is also a nice surprise you can pull on someone's birthday.

Dancing the Night Away

A night of dancing or bar hopping can be fun, as long as it's done safely with a designated driver or taxi service. Guests can meet at a club or pre-game and head out together. You may even get free birthday drinks from the bars and clubs. Just make sure all guests are of the proper age, and, again, make sure there is a safe way home for everybody.

Theme Parties

Adults can throw a variety of theme parties. Try a Dress Like High School theme and take a trip back in time to how you dressed when you were younger. Or, do a Mexican theme and serve up margaritas, chips and tacos with festive mariachi music to accompany. Do a simple costume theme to give yourself an excuse to dress up even when it's not Halloween. Themes are endless, but a good idea is to stick to a theme that has something to do with the birthday person's interests. If he loves a certain band, for example, you can do a Dress Like a Song theme, exclusive to that band's songs.

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