Home remedies for killing mice

When the weather turns cold, mice make their way into your home. Often, mice may decide to stick around, rather than head back outside. That leaves you with the unfortunate problem of getting rid of the mice. Traps and poisons work well, but you have to worry about kids or pets getting into such things. Using all natural or home remedies to get rid of mice is less harmful.

Dry Cement

Combine one cup of flour with one cup of dry cement in a bowl. Dry cement is the powder used to create cement. Add one tablespoon of salt and mix until well combined. Look for areas where you see mice most frequently, or notice a large number of mouse droppings. Pour the mixture onto a paper plate and set it near the droppings, with a bowl of water nearby. Mice are attracted to the mixture and eat it quickly, but it makes them thirsty. When they drink the water, the mixture dries inside their bodies, killing them quickly. If the mixture doesn't lure mice in, add cocoa powder; the scent attracts them.


Pour a can of soda into a small bowl and set it in an area where the mice dwell. The carbonisation in the soda kills the mice not long after they drink it. Place small bowls of the soda in your kitchen cabinets, under the sink and anywhere else you think mice live. Keep in mind that the soda may attract ants.

Mashed Potatoes

Place a thin layer of mashed potatoes in all mice-infested areas. Place a water source near the mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes work similarly to the dry cement mixture; when the mice eat the potatoes, the sodium makes them thirsty. They seek out water, which causes the mashed potatoes to expand in their stomachs and kill them. Clean up any remaining mashed potatoes, as it might attract ants.

Bacon Fat Trap

The Dollar Stretcher suggests making your own mouse trap. Run a piece of metal wire through a tin can. Tie both ends of the wire to a metal tub and fill the tub with water. Rub bacon grease or lard around the outside of the can, and place the contraption in your kitchen or another area with mice. The mice fall into the bucket and drown while trying to get to the fat. It's messier than some of the other options, but it kills most mice in your home.

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