A list of free anonymous proxy servers

Written by michael wolfe | 13/05/2017
A list of free anonymous proxy servers
Proxy servers hide your web address. (www and Internet image by mbs from Fotolia.com)

A anonymous proxy server is a server that routes Internet traffic from one computer to another computer while disguising each computer's identity. Many Internet users make use of proxy servers when attempting to access websites to which they do want their IP address revealed or as a means of sidestepping programs on their computer that restrict access to certain sites. There are a number of such servers available free on the Internet.

Change IP Country

Many websites have policies in which they deny access to traffic being routed from certain countries. This is done by identifying the user's IP address and determining its country of origin. However, with the Change IP Country site--available at anonymizer.nntime.com--users are able to disguise their country of origin by choosing a proxy server from another country through which they can access the page. Ask of May 2010, users can choose between nine proxy countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Italy, Greece, Canada, and Bolivia.

Pumpkin Proxy

Pumpkin Proxy--available at easydown.info--is one of the more faster and more reliable anonymous proxy servers on the Internet. According to Proxy 4 Free, which provides tests and rankings of proxy servers by speed, reliability and the anonymity provided, as of May 2010 Pumpkin Proxy has a perfect 100 rating, combining lightning-fast download speed with a remarkable 100% uptime (the percentage of time in which a server is accessible).

TNT Proxy

TNT Proxy--available at tntproxy.com--is a proxy server specifically designed to help users access websites to which the network administrator of their computer has forbidden access. For example, many schools forbid students from accessing social-networking sites, while many companies forbid employees from visiting news and entertainment websites. TNT proxy not only hides users' IP address, but removes header information from the sites they are accessing, cloaking them to most administration programs.

Warp Proxy

Many, if not most, proxy sites are based in the United States and provide users with a U.S.-based IP address. However, to access websites that block content to U.S. traffic, a user would need to use a foreign-based server. According to Public Proxy Servers, a site that rates proxy sites, the highest-rated foreign proxy site is Warp Proxy--available at WarpProxy.com--which routes traffic through a server based in the Netherlands.

Public Proxy Servers

Some sites serve as active aggregators of proxy sites, constantly testing and retesting hundreds of proxy websites to see which are active and inactive and ranking them according to performance. The foremost of these sites is Public Proxy Servers--available at publicproxyservers.com--which has been in existence since 2002 and which offers users the option of sorting their server list by domain, rating, country, access time and uptime percentage.

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