Unisex Nursery Themes

Updated February 21, 2017

With a new baby on the way, planning becomes a central focus of life; financial adjustments, baby-proofing the home and other changes become all-important tasks. One design necessity that new parents face is designing the nursery: How do you know what your baby will like even before it is born? For those looking to create a room designed for either gender, there are a number of themes that can represent a balanced design approach to the nursery.


While pink and blue may be the traditional decorating colours for babies, more gender-neutral colour themes can make the nursery applicable to any new baby.

Combine colours to create the atmosphere you want in your nursery. For a slightly feminine but not overly girlie approach, try a light pink and brown combination; the brown will balance the pink, making it more neutral. The same can go for the traditional blue colour for boys; combine this colour with black or another darker colour to balance the traditional with the innovative.

You can also choose to shy away from the traditional colours all together and go with your own theme. Patriotic colours can adorn any new baby's room in a welcoming feeling. Black and white colour themes can also serve unisex purposes, creating a cohesive look but one that will work for both boys and girls.


While girls may ask for Barbie and boys for G.I. Joe when they get older, there are a number of characters that can adorn a unisex nursery and please both genders.

Choose a character theme that does not necessarily cater to boys or girls. This can include a number of Disney characters (Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Winnie the Pooh) and Looney Tunes characters (Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Marvin Martian), as well as other characters.


There are a number of event-based themes that can cater to both male and female babies.

The circus is a popular unisex theme, with its colourful decorations of clowns and balloons. Circus designs also incorporate a number of animals, which can appeal to both genders.

Similarly, safari themes can appeal to both genders. The animals again interest all children, and the colour patterns that go with the safari tend to be orange or brown, which are gender-neutral colours.

These specific events can spark a baby's imagination and maintain a unisex theme in the nursery decor.

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