Unusual headboard ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Headboards provide an attractive centrepiece to your bedroom and can help tie your overall design together. The hardest part of choosing a headboard is picking a single design from the selection available. Homemade or store-bought, headboards can use almost any material, style or design. However, if you want to make a real statement, try an unusual headboard idea.

Colourful Striped Headboard

Use rectangular plywood planks and colourful fabric to create a striped headboard with a funky design. Each 1-foot tall, batting-covered plywood plank matches the width of the bed for a balanced style. Three different fabrics cover two planks each. For example, a blue-and-white mosaic patterned fabric covers the first plank, burgundy floral fabric covers the second, toile-patterned green fabric covers the third and then the pattern repeats for the fourth, fifth and sixth planks. The planks secure together to create a horizontal stripe pattern behind the bed.

Country Handkerchief Headboard

Add a charming country feel to your bedroom with a headboard covered with embroidered white handkerchiefs. The headboard base consists of a piece of plywood that matches the width and is 2 feet taller than the bed. A thick layer of cotton batting covers the plywood tightly to create soft padding. Several large, square, embroidered handkerchiefs are sewn together into a large patchwork swatch to create an eclectic accent. The patchwork piece covers the padded headboard tightly to form a sweet country style.

Earthy Seashell Headboard

Mix quality wood and small seashells to create a simple headboard with an earthy appeal. The headboard consists of a half-oval shaped piece of sanded plywood covered with a light stain and semi-gloss varnish to help bring out the natural beauty of the material. Small seashells form a delicate trim along the thin, curved sides of the wood.

Exotic Screen Headboard

Transform a three-panel Japanese privacy screen into an unusual headboard to add an exotic touch to your bedroom. These screens consists of three black wood frames around hand-painted rice paper. The screen stands flat behind the bed, instead of using a zigzag silhouette with the doors at an angle. The screen can attach to the bed or the wall to secure it in place.

Gothic Cushion Headboard

Combine decorative wall hooks and a rectangular cushion to create a hanging headboard. Three large, claw-shaped, black wrought iron hooks secure to the wall behind the bed to provide a place to hang the headboard cushion. The cushion consists of a long, rectangular, black velvet seat cushion with black velvet ties on the upper left and right corners, as well as a set of ties on the upper middle of the cushion. Each set of ties wraps around the corresponding hook so that the cushion hangs down and against the wall behind the bed.

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