Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for a Four-Year-Old Girl

Written by kittie mccoy | 13/05/2017

Planning a birthday party for a four-year-old girl can be challenging enough without having to worry about decorating an elaborate cake. Instead of spending hours carving cake and piping icing flowers and decorations, use ready-made candies and snacks as much as possible to simplify the process. Tint the frosting to the birthday girl's favourite colour and she's sure to be impressed on her special day.

Number Four Cake

Celebrate a fourth birthday with a large number four cake. Carve a 9-inch by 13-inch cake into a number four with a large, serrated knife. Freeze the cake for an hour or so before you begin carving to reduce the amount of crumbling that occurs. Frost the cake in the birthday girl's favourite colours and add candies, butter cream flowers or store-bought icing decorations. If you need a larger cake, stack the number four cake on top of a frosted sheet cake to create more servings.

Castle Cake

Make a castle cake with four towers using colourful ice cream cones. Select four cake cones in the colours of your choice, and insert a sugar cone upside down into the opening of each cake cone. If you cannot find ice cream cones in your desired colours, cover the outside of each cone with frosting, melted candy or rolled fondant. Another option is to use plain ice cream cones and press graham cracker crumbs onto the frosted cake to give it the appearance of a sand castle. Press one tower onto the outside of each corner of a frosted cake to form the castle. Decorate the castle cake with assorted candies or additional frosting, if desired.

Ladybug Cake

Bake a cake in a dome-shaped pan or an oven-safe bowl to form the body of a ladybug. Frost the cooled cake with red frosting or cover the cake with red fondant to create a smooth finish. Push four chocolate candies upside down into the cake to decorate the ladybug with four spots. Unwrap a chocolate-covered snack cake for the ladybug's head. Press the snack cake into the icing at one end of the cake, and attach round candies to the snack cake with icing to mimic eyes. Push two pieces of shoestring liquorice into the snack cake for antennae to finish the ladybug cake.

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