Birthday weekend ideas

Written by erin schreiner | 13/05/2017
Birthday weekend ideas
Make your birthday an event with a weekend getaway. (birthday tag image by Renata Osinska from

Turn your standard birthday celebration into a memorable event by planning a birthday weekend. As you celebrate your next year of life, venture off with friends to catch-up and build memories. There is an assortment of activities from which weekend getaway seekers can select. Regardless of your activity preferences, you can surely find something ideal for you.

Spa Getaway

Pamper yourself and your pals with a birthday spa getaway. Look for a spa that has hotel suites, and book a row of rooms. Road trip to the spa with your best buddies and then spend the weekend getting rubbed, waxed and primped. Not only will you return from the spa rested and relaxed, you may even look a bit younger after all of that pampering.

Amusement Park Adventure

Take a walk on the wild side during your birthday weekend with an amusement park adventure. Select an amusement park to visit, and book some rooms at a nearby or on-site hotel. Purchase two-day passes to the park so that you and your birthday revellers can ride the rides, take in the sites and dine on the decidedly unhealthy, yet delicious, food all weekend.

Canoe Trip

Hit the rapids and get a tan with a canoe trip. Head to an area nature habitat or state park, and locate a canoe livery. Seek a livery that offers overnight trips. Some will take your camping supplies down river for you so that you don't have to balance them, and risk them getting wet, as you head along the waterway. Book your trip, recruit some adventurous friends and pack your bags. As you take in the sights and sounds of nature on your trip, you will hardly remember that you are another year older.

Shopping Soiree

Add some must-haves to your closet by making shopping the focus of your birthday weekend. Select a location surrounded by malls or outlet venues, and book a chunk of hotel rooms. Spend the day shopping and then take in a nice meal before heading back to your room to admire your acquired goods and rest up for another day. Visit the stores you didn't make it to on day one on your second day, stocking up your car with finds before heading home a bit older and with more possessions.

Cabin Party

Let loose in a secluded setting by throwing a cabin party. Rent out a cabin in an isolated area. Pack some barbecue supplies and other necessities, and head to your cabin with your friends. Spend the weekend cooking and hanging out outside as well as lounging around in the plush cabin. Use the birthday escape as an opportunity to unwind and catch up with old friends.

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