Party ideas for a teen sleepover at a hotel

Updated February 21, 2017

A sleepover at a hotel is a neat way for friends to get to know each other in an unusual setting. Whether it's a luxury hotel, a medium-size hotel or a budget hotel, create a sleepover theme mixes the teenagers' latest interests and brings them closer together as friends.

Nighttime Swimming Party

Consider hosting a swimming party if the hotel has an indoor or outdoor pool with lights. Before booking the hotel, check with hotel manager to see whether you can reserve the pool for a few hours (not too late) for a group of teenagers staying in the hotel. If a reservation is impossible, ask when the pool is least busy with other hotel guests. After swimming, head up to the room for room-service ice cream and a movie before trying to get some sleep.

Spa Theme

Arrange for an evening spa party equipped with manicures and pedicures, massages and relaxing treatments. As the parent, choose a friend or a few friends to chaperon the sleepover with you. Reserve spots with the hotel's spa service. Don't forget to ask about group packages. Or, if you'd like to save money, have the spa treatments in the room. Gather several nail polish colours, towels and beauty supplies and set up stations where each guest can choose to treat and be treated. Consider a theme, like Japanese massage, and decorate the room with features like cherry blossoms and bamboo mats.

Scavenger Hunt

Design a scavenger hunt using public hotel areas as clue destinations. Create a list of interesting spaces in the hotel you have booked for the night. Meet with some hotel staff members to see if they will participate in the night's event by handing out clues at different spots in the hotel, like in the restaurant at dinner or in the bell hop station in the hotel lobby. Let the final clue lead the sleepover guests to the hotel room where they get to spend the night.

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