Laundry Sink Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are planning a new laundry room, you may want to include a sink that you can use to wash out tough stains, pretreat stained clothing and clean unconventional items--such as muddy rubber boots. Select a sink that fits your needs and also that complements your colour theme and decor for your laundry room.

Double Sink

Install a double sink in your laundry room. This is a great way to separate clothing that you are treating and scrubbing from clothing you are rinsing out. Use the first part of the sink to apply prewash stain removers and to gently rub out stains. You also can use this side of the sink to let stain remover set in the clothing for a few minutes. Transfer the clothing over to the second half of the double sink if you are ready to rinse out the clothing or want them to soak in a warm water wash.

Farmhouse Sink

Purchase a fireclay farmhouse sink for a modern to country-themed laundry room. The fireclay sink also can work in a kitchen, so this is something to consider if you are trying to connect the two rooms by some of the features. Fireclay is tough, making this sink a resilient one. The "farmhouse look" is simple yet charming.

Deep Utility Sinks

Purchase a stainless steel "deep utility sink." This sink has an industrial feel, but it can fit into a conventional and charming laundry room theme. The sink is deep so that when you turn the water on, it does not spray onto your counter or onto your clothes. It also features a professional sprayer for heavy-duty force on stains.

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