Garden privacy ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A feeling of privacy and seclusion can add to the relaxing atmosphere of a garden. Out of the view of prying eyes and surrounded by the shapes, colours, sounds and smells of nature, you can finally unwind from the stressful world of work and family and find a meditative, internal calm.

Outdoor Privacy Screens

Installing fences is complicated and time-consuming and significantly alters the look of your landscape. If you want to increase your privacy but aren't ready to commit to a particular look or layout, movable outdoor privacy screens are a good option. You can arrange the movable privacy panels to block off a secluded area of your yard or to hide compost piles, air-conditioning units or other unattractive features. It's a simple matter to rearrange the privacy screens if you don't like your initial configuration. You can eventually replace them with fencing or leave them in place permanently if you like their look.

Diffuse Privacy

Planting several layers of varied foliage around your garden is an appealing alternative to creating a single privacy screen. Weeping willows, evergreens such as Douglas firs and other trees are used to create a top layer. Boxwood, holly, tall ornamental grasses and other bushy ground-level plants can be added. You don't need to plant all the plants together in a hedgerow to create privacy. As long as they block the line of sight to the area you want to seclude, your plantings will work as well as any fence to keep your garden private.

Solid Privacy Barrier

A solid wall offers a more substantial enclosure than a diffuse privacy screen. Garden walls can be built with bricks, stones or even concrete blocks for the ultimate in privacy with a good bit of security thrown in. Adding crenels and a heavy wooden gate can give the whole place an armoured, medieval aesthetic. You might even place stone gargoyles around the outside of the garden to complement the fortified aesthetic.

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