Creative Wall Covering Ideas

Written by heather preston | 13/05/2017
Creative Wall Covering Ideas
There are more options than just wallpaper and paint for covering walls. (corkboard with blank note image by Arpad Nagy-Bagoly from

There are several different wall covering ideas other than paint or wallpaper. With a little imagination and a purpose in mind, your walls can transform into practical works of art. For those working with a budget, it should be noted that many creative wall covering ideas can be achieved for very little money. Spice up the walls of your home with creative, fun, affordable designs.

Cork It

Cork board is becoming an increasingly popular method of wall covering. It is best used in a child's room or sports themed room in which awards and photos can be easily posted using thumb tacks. Cork board walls are also convenient in home office spaces at home for posting calendars, memos, etc. Purchase cork board at any home improvement or craft store.

Chalk It

You can apply chalkboard paint to a wall to convert it to a functional chalkboard. The age-old fear of children drawing on walls disappears with the reality that they actually can draw on the walls without damaging them. Chalkboard paint is applied much like regular paint and cost only a few dollars more. It comes tinted in a variety of colours and can be purchased at any home improvement store.

Fabrication Creation

A quick and easy way to spice up your walls is by hanging up a tapestry or patchwork quilt. If you are a handy with a needle and thread, this can also be a great way to display your own work. Purchase an inexpensive hanging rod at any home improvement store. Position the rod so that the tapestry or quilt will hang a few feet from the ceiling and at an equal distance from the floor. If the fabric is lightweight, simply applying Velcro to the back and to the wall may suffice. This wall covering idea is best used as a means of creating a focal point in a room by covering one wall only.

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