Colours that match purple in the living room

Updated April 17, 2017

You have decided to go with purple as a colour in your living room. By any design guru's standards, that's a bold choice and will definitely make a statement. However, choosing your complementary colours in shades that actually complement the purple will ensure that the statement your living room colour scheme makes is an attractive one.


Forest green, hunter green, pine green and generic dark green are all colours that you can see living harmoniously with the colour purple in nature. And as in nature, these colours will complement purple in your living room. Just make sure that one colour accents the other. Use one colour predominately and another for accent items, such as trims, decorative pillows and shades.


Antique gold, brass, golden yellow and pale gold are all brilliant accent colours for purple. This can be achieved through paint, metal items or fabric. Gold and purple together often can invoke a very regal air, so this combination is used often in more formal sitting rooms. On the other hand, a purple room with sparse gold accents can also have a very antique ambience.


Because purple is usually used in such a dark mix, white, off white or cream is often paired with it to lighten the overall look of the room and keep it from appearing too dark. If the walls are a dark violet, brilliant white trim, moulding and linen curtains gives the room a much brighter feeling. White furniture and decorative items can also look beautiful.

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