Salon Safety Checklist

Written by lee weal | 13/05/2017
Salon Safety Checklist
A salon safety checklist benefits both owners and patrons. (beauty salon #9 image by Adam Borkowski from

You probably don't think much about safety when visiting a salon. But as a consumer it's in your best interest to be mindful of safety issues, considering the sprays, solvents and close contact involved with personal care. As a salon owner, it also serves your interest to be sure that both your employees and customers occupy a pleasant and safe environment.


State licenses should be displayed prominently in the salon. All technicians should be either certified or licensed as well and salon owners should verify the information.

MSDS information

Updated material safety data sheets (MSDS) should be on file for all products used in the salon. These sheets provide information on the safe use and handling of the chemicals used in beauty products.


Adequate ventilation is paramount in the salon environment. Air circulation and exhaust systems should be designed to clear hairsprays and other chemicals and solvents from the air.

Disinfection Procedures

To avoid spreading infection, any tools that come in contact with skin should be properly cleaned and disinfected between customers. Single-use disposable instruments should be discarded immediately after use.


Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. To protect both technicians and customers, electrical sockets need to be properly grounded and checked regularly.

Worker Protection

Salon workers should wash hands frequently and protect themselves with gloves when using harsh solvents. Nail technicians should wear respirators when using solvents to protect them from inhaling noxious fumes.


Technicians should only use freshly washed towels on patrons. Used linens should be kept in separate containers and washed using detergent and bleach.

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