Duties & Responsibilities of an Electrical Supervisor

Electrical supervisors are responsible for supervising electricians in carrying out the maintenance and installation of electrical systems. Electrical supervisors usually report to the assistant director of a company and typically have managerial experience and a degree in electrical engineering. Electrical supervisors work in a range of industries from oilfield exploration and water management systems to general office installations.

Main Duties

An electrical supervisor is responsible for hiring and training new employees and is expected to have a broad knowledge of electrics, including the use of control circuits, scale calibrators and transformers. An electrical supervisor can also review the status of current workers and make recommendations to higher management that their contracts be terminated if their skills are not deemed sufficient.

Administration Duties

An electrical supervisor should be a skilled administrator, because he is expected to organise work schedules and supervise the work of electrical personnel, as noted on the Connect Group Energy website. He is also expected to plan rotas for the use of key electrical equipment, prioritise electrical expenditures and ensure established processes for maintaining electrical equipment are strictly followed. An electrical supervisor also maintains worker time sheets for payroll purposes and hires or purchases new equipment to aid with installation. He must keep accurate inventories of such purchases and provide regular reports to higher management. He should also prepare training materials and electrician handbooks to reflect any changes in practice.

Supervisory Role

An electrical supervisor must keep employees aware of any important changes in safety policies, industry standards or general work procedures to ensure work is consistently carried out safely and within legal parameters. An electrical supervisor assists design engineers with installation plans and the inspection of new buildings, and he performs electrical remodelling work where required. In this role, he often prepares building sketches to outline an installation program and reports any significant changes made to the initial plans, as described on the Oil and Gas Job Search website.

Additonal Responsibilities

An electrical supervisor should be skilled in identifying any shortfalls in working practices and initiating strategies to fix them. He also may review architectural plans for buildings to ensure they fully comply with electrical safety regulations standards, as detailed on The University of Arizona website. An electrical supervisor also assists in preparing electrical material for installation and provides labour estimates to client companies. He also plays a troubleshooting role and will be called in to investigate any anomalies in existing electrical installations.

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