Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

Storage space is highly sought, but often lacking, in most kitchens. Take a look around your kitchen to find ways to conserve storage space. Utilise additions or renovations to create storage.

Pegboard for Pots and Pans

A pegboard applied to a kitchen wall, or to a wall that is near the kitchen, can become a showcase for pots and pans. Invest in copper-bottom pans that can be displayed, which frees up cabinet space for other items.

Staggered Shelving

Take advantage of staggered shelving to eliminate wasted storage space. Store smaller items such as cups on upper shelves and larger items from casserole dishes to party-sized potato chip bags on the lower shelves.

Toe-Kick Space

Inspect the toe-kick space beneath your kitchen cabinetry to determine if there is room enough to install a small sliding drawer. This drawer will be small, but it will be large enough to hold flat items such as a serving tray or small items such as extra silverware.

Accessory Tree

An accessory tree can store often-used items. This not only frees up space elsewhere, but lets you keep those items handy in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Clean the Junk Drawer

Clear the junk drawer of items that don't specifically go in the kitchen. Use the space to store items you will use in the kitchen.

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