List of Asian Plants

Written by nicholas ramos | 13/05/2017
List of Asian Plants
Hydrangeas are Asian plants that have become American staples. (hydrangeas image by Ruslana Stovner from

Asia is a vast content that includes India, China, Japan, Vietnam and parts of Russia. Asia, the world's largest continent, is replete with plant species. It would take an encyclopedia to list all the various plants native to Asia; however, several plants that are native to the Asian continent can be highlighted.


List of Asian Plants
Washington D.C., has several thousand cherry blossoms. (Cherry Blossoms image by dwight9592 from

Sakura, cherry blossoms in the United States, are native to Japan, China, and other areas in Southeast Asia. The tree is best known for its light pink or white blooms that cover the tree for a couple of days to a week in early spring. Cherry blossoms are most famous in the United States for lining the retention pond in Washington, D.C. Several thousand trees bloom simultaneously in the capitol once a year, marking the National Cherry Blossom. There are dozens of varieties in Japan, including cherry blossom trees that resemble the weeping willow. Varieties range on colour from pale yellow to stark white.


List of Asian Plants
Bamboo is an Asiatic grass. (Bamboo image by AzamSa"ad from

Bamboo is one of Asia's most famous plants. Used in the United States in some gardens, bamboo is also used for construction, flooring and in cutting boards. In Asia, the grass' importance is far greater then that in the United States. In China, forests of bamboo are plentiful, the only natural habitat of the panda bear that feed on the grass. The perennial plant is grown in the United States. Provide at least five hours of sunlight and adequate moisture.


List of Asian Plants
Pink hydrangeas are planted in high pH soil. (hydrangea image by L. Shat from

Hydrangeas, well known plants in the United States, originally stem from Asia. There are North American species of hydrangea; however, the species that are most renowned in the United States, the one with vibrant, large blooms are Asian. Planted profusely in the Southeast, the plant's blooms range in colour from white, blue, pink and even purple. Bloom colour varies directly on the pH levels in soil. Low pH results in blue tinted blooms and high pH brings pink blossoms. White and purple blooms occur when pH levels medium.

Cymbidium Orchid

List of Asian Plants
Cymbidium orchids are popular in the United States. (Orchid cymbidium image by Azazirov from

Cymbidium orchids, popular orchid species in the United States, are native China, Japan, Southeast Asia and the islands of the Philippines. Winter and spring blooming, the flower is used in floral arrangements and as houseplants across the United States. The plant comes in a variety of colours, ranging from purple to peach-orange.

Asiatic Lily

List of Asian Plants
(Asiatic lilies image by Scott Dorrett from

Asiatic lilies are native to the Asian continent. Twelve to eighteen inches in height, the plants blooms in mid-summer. Large vibrant flowers, up to six inches in diameter come in colours such as dark purple, black, white, violet and cream coloured. The plant requires full sun and consistent moisture. Asiatic lilies are used as houseplants and as perennial garden plants.

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