Fun Strategy Games for Kids

Written by lee morgan
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Fun Strategy Games for Kids
Risk is one of the most popular strategy games. (risk image by Francesca Marcolini from

Strategy games can teach kids about thinking ahead and making decisions based on the likely consequences of their actions and potential outcomes. Although the children will often only see it as a good time and will not likely realise the skills they are learning, the games are good for building smart and rational decision makers. Strategy games are often familiar, and are not necessarily difficult to understand on the surface.

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Risk is a board game produced by Parker Brothers that was invented by Albert Lamorisse in 1957. The Napoleonic war strategy game is played on a board divided into 42 territories across a world map. The object of the game is to conquer the world with your army against multiple opponents. Players use dice to calculate the outcomes of battles, and miniatures to represent military units as well as "risk cards," which are used for strategic purposes. The players march their units across the continents attacking, defending and carrying out the master plan in order to take over the world before someone beats them to it.

This game has been reproduced in many other versions since the original release, including futuristic scenarios, science fiction versions and video game versions with stunning graphics and challenging single-player options against artificial intelligence.

Connect Four

Connect Four is a board game originally produced by Milton Bradley, which is a vertical version of draughts and a cousin to tic tac toe. Two players drop coloured draughts into the vertical board in an attempt to become the first one to line up four of their draughts vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The board has seven columns and six rows and seemingly endless possibilities for strategic moves. Kids can play a game in 10 minutes or less, but may spend longer competing once they realise the complexities of the game. One wrong move can doom the player to a loss; success on a consistent basis requires well-thought-out strategy and concentration.

Lemonade World

Lemonade World is an online business strategy game for kids that is available on the Funny Games website. This game involves business strategy that ranges from simple marketing to supply purchases to actual product development. That may seem complicated for children, but the game is mainly about running a successful lemonade stand. Players by and grow their own lemon trees and pick the fruit in order to make the best lemonade possible. The player must also decide on how much lemon, sugar and ice go into a cup of lemonade in order to please the customers. In addition, the player must set a price that customers will see as a good value. Great-tasting lemonade may bring a higher price, but the cost of production may be more. Also, a good reputation may make it possible to raise prices. It's a balancing act, but an entertaining one for kids who are up for a challenge.

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