Cafe Advertising Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

If you're starting up a new cafe and looking for a way to branch out into your community to get customers, here are some ideas on how to advertise. It's important to find ways to attract the attention of customers so you can develop a strong following from the beginning and generate referral business.


One of the most important ways to attract customers to your cafe is to have a good sign. Make sure your sign is interesting and appealing to potential customers. Display it prominently so people driving buy will notice it and want to stop in. Keep your signs clean; they're the first thing your customers will see, and they represent your store.

Newspaper Advertising

Put an ad in the local newspaper to attract customers. Make it eye-catching so readers will stop to look at it. Keep the language simple. Make sure to prominently display your name and logo so readers will remember your cafe.


To get people in the door, have a promotion. If customers believe they're getting a deal, they'll go to your cafe to save money. You can have any number of promotions: buy one, get one half off, 50 cents cheaper, etc. This is your chance to wow customers with how great your product is. This way, even after the promotion ends, people will come back because they like your food, drinks, ambience, service or a combination of those things. You can advertise your promotion on your signs or in the newspaper.

Why You're Unique

Make your cafe unique and tell people about it. If you offer a speciality drink or have free wireless access, advertise these things to attract new business. An important part of advertising is distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

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