Bay Window Seat Styles

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are lucky enough to have a bay window then you definitely have a room with a view. A bay window allows natural light to fill a room and enhances your view of the outdoors. An appealing feature of bay windows is the option to include seating in the alcove that they create.The seating can be custom made by a professional or you can create your own to suit your taste and the space.

Bench Seating

There are several bench seating options for your bay window. The bench can be designed to follow the angle of the window and have one section for each of the windows in the grouping. The benches should come to the bottom edge of the window sills and ideally be at least 15 inches off the floor for the most comfortable seat. The benches can be made with doors or drawers beneath the bench for additional storage. You may opt for open shelves to hold books or baskets. A hinged top on the seat would also provide a storage bin, making the most of the space. Include a cushion made to fit the top of the seat. You can coordinate the cushion with window treatments or other accessories in the room. Making the cushion 3 inches deep will bring the height to that of a typical chair. If space allows, add a few throw pillows for comfort.


If you have a bedroom or den with a bay window, you can provide an additional sleeping space for young guests by making a large platform that fits the window area, provided you have a large enough area.. Add a small foam mattress, cover it with fabric and add soft pillows to complete the look. You can still provide storage under the mattress platform.

Chair Seating

Place a small round table and two chairs in the window space for an eating nook in a kitchen. This provides a cosy space with a view of the outside. You might also consider making the space into a reading nook by placing a comfy upholstered chair and small table and lamp in the space. This would be a great place to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon.


When deciding on a window seat for a bay window take into account the height of the window. If the window comes down too low there may not be enough space for comfortable seating. Be sure your window treatments do not interfere with seating. Curtains should fall to the bottom of the window sill if you have a window seat.

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