Home remedies to kill grass and weeds

Updated November 21, 2016

Weeds and grass are part of any homeowner's landscape, but they can tend to grow in unwanted areas. Weeds and grass can be found growing in cracks, crevices in pavements and drives. A variety of home remedies can rid your property of these weeds and unwanted grass. These remedies are not as harmful as most shop-bought weed killers, and are safe for children and pets.


Use a spray bottle filled with bleach on weeds and unwanted grass. The bleach will evaporate after a couple of days and leave the area safe for planting. If you accidentally get bleach spray on nearby plants, just wash them off with water and they will be OK. Spray the bleach thoroughly on any roots and at the base of the weeds.

Boiling water

Boiling water can be used as a weed and grass killer. Bring a pan of tap water to a rolling boil and pour on any weeds or grass you want to kill. This will cook and instantly kill any plant it comes in contact with. Be sure not to get it on any plants you do not wish to kill or underground roots of nearby plants. Boiling water is more effective than many off the shelf weed killers.


Salt will kill grass and weeds instantly. Take a pinch or handful of table salt and apply it to grass or weeds you want to kill. You can also put salt down on your driveway to prevent weeds and grass from growing there. After a few rainfalls, the salt will become diluted and you will need to reapply as needed.


Either white or cider vinegar will kill weeds and grass and needs to be poured directly on the plant you wish to kill. The acetic acid in vinegar will kill the leaves of the plant or grass, but it will not kill the roots. Vinegar works best on young plants, but will kill older plants with enough applications to kill the roots.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol will kill grass and weeds by drawing the water out of them. This is basically like sucking the lifeblood out of grass and weeds. This will kill any plant it comes in contact with.


You can mix some of the above ingredients for a super weed killer. For instance, put of couple pinches of salt or vinegar in the boiling water to speed up the process. Always use common sense when combining any chemicals and do not mix anything you do not know will be safe for mixing.

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