Flowers for indian weddings

Updated February 21, 2017

Flowers play a huge role in Indian wedding decor. From the traditional Mandap, or ceremonial tent, being covered entirely with flowers, to floral centrepieces at the reception, flowers account for most of the decorations in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies. There are five flowers that are commonly used in Indian weddings that can be used alone or combined with other types of flowers in the ceremony and reception decor.


Marigold flowers are a traditional Indian wedding flower that will add brightness and rich colour to your wedding decor. Both orange and yellow marigolds are appropriate for an Indian wedding. You may choose to use one colour or combine them to enhance the display.


White jasmine is a traditional South Indian wedding flower that is both elegant and has a subtle fragrance which makes it a versatile flower to use in your wedding decor. Jasmine can be used on its own for a modern Indian-American fusion wedding or can be paired with brightly coloured exotic flowers for a more traditional Indian look.


Orchids of any colour can be used for decoration, making this a versatile floral option. A chain of orchids may be used to decorate the Mandap or a bouquet of orchids can be carried by the bride. White, pink or purple orchids are all appropriate options.


Red roses are flowers to consider for an Indian-American wedding. Red roses can be combined with orange or yellow marigolds to pay homage to both cultures. Red roses may also be used exclusively on their own.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are available in almost every colour imaginable, making them by far the easiest flower to match to your wedding colour scheme. These are a very informal and simple looking flower, making them best for informal Indian weddings. Mix and match several colours of Gerbera daisies for a vibrant and bold look.

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