Top Sixth Form Colleges in London

Updated March 23, 2017

British sixth form colleges follow primary and secondary school and are similar to American high schools. Students ages 16 to 19 study a range of advanced-level subjects in hopes of attending a university. While many secondary schools are single-sex, most sixth form colleges are coeducational. London's top sixth form colleges all but guarantee admission to a top university.

Albemarle Independent College

Located in the heart of the exclusive neighbourhood of Mayfair, Albemarle is one of the top sixth form colleges in the country. The co-ed institution accepts students ages 15 to 19. In addition to advanced levels, the college offers GCSE courses, as well as test preparation courses. Known for excellent test results, Albemarle boasts a 100 per cent A-C pass rate in advanced-level exams. Students who are struggling can get extra help from the school's tutors. Classes are kept small, with a maximum of eight students per class.

Albemarle Independent College

18 Dunraven Street


London, W1K 7FE


Duff Miller College

Duff Miller is an independent sixth form college located in South Kensington. The school offers a wide range of GCSE and advanced-level courses, as well as preparatory dental and medical courses. All of the teaching staff are graduates and experts in their subjects, and many previously worked as external examiners, making them particularly qualified to prepare students for examinations. In the past, Duff Miller students have achieved excellent results, with 95 per cent getting A-C grades. In some courses, such as art, drama and accounting, 100 per cent of students received either an A or B.

Duff Miller College

59 Queen's Gate

London, SW7 5JP


Abbey College

Abbey is both a boarding school and a day college, making it popular with international students. It offers 10 advanced-level subjects including biology, astronomy, chemistry, government and politics, further mathematics and economics. The results are consistently excellent, with 52 per cent of all advanced-level students achieving As in 2009. In addition to strong academics, the college has a range of extra-curricular activities. In the past, students have taken field trips to the Bank of England and Prime Minister’s Question Time at the House of Commons. They also regularly attend theatres and visit museums.

Abbey College

22 Grosvenor Gardens

London, SW1W 0DH


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