List of Biology Jobs

Written by amelia mcdoogleburger
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List of Biology Jobs
Many biology jobs involve working in a laboratory setting. (scientist professor experimenting image by Canakris from

Biology is the study of life, and there are many specialisations within biology. Many biology jobs are in biotechnology laboratories or in academic laboratory settings, but there are many occupations that do not require bench work. Field biologists and teachers are excellent examples of occupations that are outside of the laboratory and require different skill sets.


Biochemists examine chemical reactions as they relate to living organisms. This job requires knowledge of both chemistry and biology, and most biochemists work in a laboratory setting. Biochemists are interested in areas such as metabolism, growth, and reproduction at the chemical level.


Botany is the study of plants. Botanists may work in a laboratory setting or in the field, and there are different specialisations within botany. For example, some botanists may look at plants in the context of an ecosystem, while other botanists may focus on disease prevention using biotechnology.


A zoologist studies animals and the life processes associated with the animals they study. Most zoologists specialise in a single group of animals, such as birds or insects. Some zoologists will specialise in studying animals within their natural habitat, while others may dissect animal specimens to gain greater information about the organisms they are studying.


An ecologist is a biologist who examines the interactions between organisms and their environment. Ecologists look at life on a larger scale, and study how population size, changes to habitat, and other factors such as air and water quality can alter an ecosystem.

Aquatic Biologists

Aquatic biologists examine aquatic organisms, and may specialise in either salt water or fresh water species. Other aquatic biologists such as oceanographers study large bodies of water and the effects of other factors, such as pollution, on the organisms that live in water.


There are many biology jobs that fall under the category of biotechnology. Biotechnologists often work with organisms at the molecular level, and may study the genetics of organisms and how changes in the genetic material influence the organism. Other biotechnology jobs help to advance the understanding of disease and how to prevent disease.

Other Biology Jobs

There are many biology jobs that do not fall into a single category. Some biologists, for example, may work for pharmaceutical companies as sales agents to help doctors better understand how a product may help patients. Other jobs in biology entail teaching, or may be related to food or medicine.

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