What flowers are in season in July & August?

Updated November 21, 2016

During the summer months, an abundance of colourful and vibrant flowers are in full bloom throughout the country. Many warmer weather flowers begin to bloom in the early spring and continue to blossom during the months of July and August. Several summer flowers continue to produce blooms into the early autumn.


The amaranthus is an annual plant that produces bright red, green and yellow flowers, according to The Flower Expert website. The amaranthus blossoms in the summer and continues to bloom into the beginning of fall. During the warmer summer months.


The chrysanthemum is a popular perennial plant that blooms throughout the summer and into the early autumn, producing a wide variety of colourful flowers, including white, yellow, purple, pink and red, according to Better Homes and Gardens.


The annual bouvardia plant produces a variety of coloured flowers, including pink, peach, red and white. According to Backyard Gardener, the bouvardia blooms throughout the summer and into early winter.


The freesia plant produces fragrant flowers in a wide array of colours, including white, pink, purple and yellow, according to The Flower Expert. Freesia begins to bloom in early spring and continues to produce flowers throughout the summer months.


Hydrangeas are perennial bushes that produce large and colourful purple, blue and white snowball-like clusters of flowers. According to the Types of Flowers website, hydrangea begin to bloom in the spring and continue to produce flowers through the early autumn.


Impatiens are popular annual bedding plants that come in a wide array of colours, including white, pink, red and purple. During the months of July and August, impatiens thrive.

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