Garage Room Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The garage can often be one of the most underutilised areas in your home. Many people use their garages as a dumping ground for odds and ends. Convert your garage into a useful and attractive space. Begin by uncluttering your garage. Throw away or repair any broken items; hang tools and equipment from the ceiling or walls; and organise other items into storage systems. Paint the interior and exterior of your garage, and border it with flower beds or other landscaping.

Laundry Room

If your garage has water and electricity supplies, you can convert it into a laundry room. This change will allow you to use your existing laundry room for another purpose, such as a walk-in pantry, crafting room or even a small study. Paint your garage walls in a bright, cheery shade, such as daffodil yellow or off-white. If your garage has concrete floors, paint them with a stain-resistant floor paint, or install linoleum. After moving your washer and dryer in, add shelving systems that will allow you to easily hang and sort your clothing. Make an ironing station by adding an ironing board, iron, spritzer bottle and starch. Place an easy chair and sewing kit in your garage to create a comfortable, quiet space to do any necessary clothing repairs.

Garden Shed

While you may already use your garage to store gardening supplies, it can also be adapted to other garden-related uses. After clearing out your garage, use it as a potting shed. If your garage has windows or a skylight, it can also be used to start plants. Add a table or shelving to your garage, and use these areas to grow seedlings.

Shop/Crafting Room

If your garage has a sink, you can use it as a shop or craft room. Add bright overhead lighting so that you can easily work in your garage. A large table and stools will make it possible for several people to work in the garage at once. If your garage has lots of natural light, you can even use it as an artist's studio.


Your garage can become a second den, especially since it can withstand a little more messiness than other rooms in your home. If you have children, consider letting them use the garage as a TV room or game room for entertaining. The addition of some colourful prints, a couple of old couches and an area rug will quickly transform your garage into an area for recreation. If you enjoy pool, use the garage as your own private pool hall. Garages can also be convenient places for hosting poker nights or crafting parties. Enhance the party potential of your garage by installing a small bar, or building a bar cabinet from an old bookcase or small hutch.

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