Flowers That Are in Season in April

Updated April 17, 2017

Most flowering plants begin to bloom in mid-May to later on in the summer. These blooms tend to last throughout the summer into autumn; however, there are various plants that are in season in April. Having information on April blooming flowers will allow you to have blooms in the beginnings of spring, while your other plants await blooming.


Tulips are some of the most well known April blooming flowering plants. Bulb plants, tulips should be planted 6 to 10 inches beneath the ground surface. The planting window occurs in late summer through mid autumn; bulbs require the cold weather of winter prior to spring blooming. Plant at least six months prior to April. Tulips are perennials; the most problematic pests of tulips are aphids.You can easily remove them with a water spray.


Azaleas are popular flowering shrubs; in season in late April, these plants will be completely covered with azalea flowers by the end of April. Azaleas do best in climates with a -10 to 20 degree Fahrenheit minimum temperature and depending on the variety, grow best in part shade to full sun. Azaleas come in both evergreen and deciduous forms. Plant your azaleas in quality, well draining soil; prune after first blooming; this will promote further blooms.

African Daisies

African daisies are colourful, April blooming plants. Scientifically referred to as osteospermum, these full sun plants are both annuals and perennials depending on where it is planted. If planted in the Southeast or Southwest, the daisy will serve as a perennial. Elsewhere, where temperatures regularly reach frost levels, the plant acts as an annual. Blooming in late April, remove wilting or dead flowers to ensure prolonged and more bountiful buds.


Pansies, considered cold hardy plants, are prolific April bloomers. Hardy through freezing temperatures and thought of as a biennial plant, pansies are easily found and purchased at most garden supply centres. Due to their cold hardiness, many green thumbs plant pansies through winter and early spring while other plants are preparing to bloom. Plant in full to part sun. In warm climates, pansies are only hardy through winter and early spring.


Dogwood trees are well known April bloomers. Producing traditionally white, four petal flowers, these trees, representative of Easter, come in a variety of forms. The redtwig dogwood is a shrub that has dark green leaves and is native to China. The silky dogwood produces white and yellow cluster blooms, the North American creeping dogwood is a shrub, producing either purple or white blooms depending on varieties. The American flowering dogwood tree is the most popular dogwood variety in the US. All plants require part to full sun.

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