Club Dancing Tips for Guys

Written by angela mitchell
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Club Dancing Tips for Guys
Club dancing is easy as long as you follow a few basic steps. (dance posture image by TEA from

Getting out there and dancing in a club atmosphere can be intimidating. However, the good news is that any guy can use a few basic tips to get on a dance floor, feel the pound of the music and enjoy the sensation of dancing in a crowd. The secret is that club dancing is easy for anyone, as long as you follow a few simple basic steps to move to the music.

Finding the Beat

Find your space on the floor, making sure not to crowd anyone else's space. Don't worry about what anyone else is doing for right now. Focus on yourself and your dance partner overall. Make sure you stay connected with your partner visually, and smile from time to time, keeping the mood relaxed.

Find the beat by listening for the percussion (drums) in the song, as well as to the bass line (the lowest booming bass instruments in the music). Most club music has an easy-to-find, very prominent beat pattern. Acclimate yourself to that beat by simply tapping a foot (or snapping your fingers) until you're accustomed to the beat and can feel it in your body.

Making Your Move

Start with small movements of feet and hips--a slight sway, no more, then move quietly and easily to the music. Move your feet just a little, in a back-and-forth rocking motion from left to right and back again. Begin to make your movements larger as soon as you're comfortable, and yep, you're dancing!

Keep your arm movements fairly tight to your body, not expansive. You don't want to flail around, but rather move in an easy, relaxed, even fluid manner.

The key to dancing is simple moves in repetition with the beat, often a kind of double-bob, for instance, as in moving your shoulders right-right, then left-left. At the same time, slightly bend the knee on the corresponding side, and tap that foot (or shuffle the heel) very slightly.

Alternate the shoulder moves with simple steps, moving one foot out (sideways) in a step, bringing your other foot over to meet it, then moving that foot back, and moving the other foot in to meet it. This will soon become second nature to you.

Experiment with your feet by expanding the back-and-forth step into a conservative box step, in time with the bob-bob that you're also doing with your upper body. A box step is easy to do--left foot forward, right foot forward, right foot right, left foot right, right foot back, left foot back (and repeat).

Fine Tuning Your Moves

Pay attention to what the dancers around you are doing, and follow their general lead on style and speed of movement as you interact with your partner. Move more expansively as you gain confidence, but resist the urge to showboat, at least at first--incorporate new moves and experiment at home, but at the club, you simply want to get to a point where you're routinely comfortable dancing in public. Search out dance moves and video examples on social networking and sharing sites so that you can watch and copy real moves from others. Practice regularly. The more you move, the looser and better you will be.

Final Words of Advice

Resist the inclination to look at your feet (or the floor).

Don't invade your partner's space too much--follow her lead on closeness as you dance together.

Don't get drunk--while one or two drinks can help to loosen you up, don't go beyond that. The ideal approach is to stay loose but sober.

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