Adult birthday invitation wording ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Birthday parties are not just for kids. Any birthday is a good excuse for holding festivities focused on celebrating the life of the guest of honour. Capturing the personality of the birthday boy or girl can be a little more challenging when you are feting an adult, but with a little time and thought, you can ensure that the party matches the man. How you word the invitations to your event sets the groundwork for putting together a fabulous birthday celebration.

The Surprise Party Invitation

Surprise parties can be among the most challenging and difficult of all parties to pull off successfully. There is a great deal of secrecy and planning that must go into the party, and the invitation is no exception. You want your invitations to clearly indicate to the recipient that the guest of honour is to be kept in the dark at all costs!

Simple, straightforward wording is the best way to ensure that you get your point across, as clever puns could mislead or confuse someone, leading them to give away the big secret to the birthday boy or girl.

Some recommendations are:

"We're having a party, she/he hasn't a clue. So keep it hush-hush, we're counting on you!"

or perhaps something along the lines of: "NAME is turning the big ?-0 and you're invited, but but he/she doesn't know! So if you can make it, here's a word to the wise, get there nice and early 'cause it's a surprise!"

Rhyming is not necessary, but it can help your invitation to be playful and instructive at the same time. If you prefer to leave the poetry to the poets, then you might try something along these lines:

"For all he/she means to us, we are celebrating another year with NAME. Please join us for a surprise birthday party at..."

The Milestone Birthday

There are certain birthdays along the course of life that are considered milestones, and are more celebrated than others. Though the celebrant himself may be less than thrilled to be ushering in his 40th or 50th year on the planet, a party can help soften the blow.

Invitations for a milestone birthday should, to some extent, reflect the frame of mind with which the guest of honour is taking their birthday. For the reluctant honoree, perhaps something a little playful would be appropriate, such as :

"Please come and help NAME celebrate the 10th anniversary of their 30th birthday..."


"She said "a party, no way!" But we're having one anyway! NAME is turning 50! Come help us celebrate 50 years of memories on..."

For those that are embracing their age, you can try something fun and lighthearted, like:

"Pack your walking stick and your blood pressure pill, as you come to celebrate NAME getting Over the Hill!"

The Formal Affair

Sometimes a birthday can be celebrated with a formal affair. For these types of events, your wording should reflect the tone by include the name of the person hosting the affair as well as pertinent details about the event. A good example is:

"NAME request the honour of your presence at a NAME'S 50th birthday party."

This information should then be followed by the day, date, time and place of the event formally spelt our rather than abbreviated. For instance, Wednesday, the twelfth day of May, at seven in the evening, rather than May 5th, 7 p.m.

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