Warm Interior Paint Colors

Updated February 21, 2017

Colors are divided into two groups: warm and cool colours. Cool paint colours tend to make your home look more modern and cold feeling. Warm paint colours, on the other hand, make your home look more traditional, lighter and welcoming. There are many different warm paint colours that can transform any dark, cold room into a bright, warm one.


There are different shades of reds on the colour spectrum; most are considered warm tones but some are considered cool tones. Warm reds are reds with a brownish or orangish background. Deep burgundies, rust, red-orange and blood red are considered to be warm. These reds often work well as an accent wall or painted in an office or dining room. The deep red will be bold but beautiful in the home.


The colour orange and it's shades are warm colours. Bright orange, pumpkin, Tuscany orange, orange-brown and gold are all warm colours. Orange is best suited for kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms to bring a bold and strong colour to the room.


Yellow is often associated with feelings of joy, happiness and sunshine. Yellow can come in bright yellow, lemon, the softer butter yellow or light cream. Yellow will quickly freshen up any room in your house. Yellow always looks great in the kitchen, family room and any bedroom.


Green can be either a warm or cool tone. Green with undertones of blue or purple is certainly cool. However, light yellow greens or brown greens (like the colour olive) are much warmer. Light greens are very fresh and light feeling and are nice for living rooms or bedrooms. Olive green, a bit deeper and more peaceful of a colour, works very well in the kitchen.


Like greens, there are warm pinks and cool pinks. Warmer pinks are those with a orange background, creating a peachy pink. This colour pink is very youthful, fun and carefree. Peachy pink colours look best in bedrooms or playrooms.


Any shade of brown--from chocolate to light khaki--is a warm and neutral colour. Mix brown with a warm accent colour to give any room a pop. For example, you can paint the walls in your living room a tan colour then accent with warm green pillows and area rugs. You can paint your dining room chocolate brown and accent with deep red chair covers, faux flowers and accessories. Or you could paint your kitchen khaki and accent with butter yellow accessories. Because brown is also a neutral, earth-toned colour, it will look good in almost any room with warm accents.

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