Ideas for decorating a kid's motorcycle bedroom

Written by carol ochs | 13/05/2017
Ideas for decorating a kid's motorcycle bedroom
Motorcycles are perpetually popular. (motos image by chantal cecchetti from

Motorcycles are such a popular theme for bedrooms that you can find bedding and accessories printed in motorcycle patterns that will please kids from their infant years until they are ready to leave for college. There are motorcycle crib blankets, motorcycle toys and motorcycle posters available at many stores and online retailers. Consider the age of your child, then have some fun pulling together a motorcycle-themed bedroom.


It’s usually easiest to start with bed linens and build the rest of the room–paint, rugs and accessories–around the colours in the bedding. Infant blankets, quilts, comforters and duvet covers are available, and some popular makes of motorcycles even offer their own branded line of these items. If you don’t want to buy items featuring a specific brand's logo, consider going with a solid colour bed cover in a metallic grey, red or orange that will coordinate well with the black and chrome colours associated with motorcycles.


If you want to keep wall decorations to a minimum but still create a vibrant room, splash bold colours on the walls that coordinate with your bedding. Another option is to keep the wall colours neutral, white or light grey, and give the room some pizazz with borders or wall art. Wallpaper borders, decals and murals all come in motorcycle themes. If you have an artistic streak, design your own wall art. Consider painting a motorcycle, some road markings, street signs or motorcycle gear right on the wall.


If you have a young child who prefers motorcycles to rocking horses, that’s not a problem. Motorcycle-shaped rockers exist for both girls and boys. Install a bookcase to showcase a collection of toy motorcycles. You can keep furniture inexpensive by using chrome or steel shelving--its metallic gleam with contribute to the motorcycle theme.


Throw rugs can add to the theme, too. You can find rugs with a motorcycle decoration on them, or you can purchase a rug printed with a road map, which kids can "drive" their toy motorcycles on.


There are motorcycle-themed ceiling fans, lamps, clocks and even chandelier pendants. You can find traffic-sign throw pillows, motorcycle posters, motorcycle light switch covers and even growth charts decorated with flames. Go to a hobby shop or a store that sells real motorcycles and accessories for inspiration, and let your imagination run wild.

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