Teenage disco theme birthday party ideas

Written by erica morris | 13/05/2017
Teenage disco theme birthday party ideas
A teenage disco party can be simple to plan. (disco image by askthegeek from Fotolia.com)

Throwing a disco birthday party can be a fun, retro way for teenagers to celebrate. This type of party requires some '70s-era items to keep the party in theme, most of which can be picked up at local thrift shops. With some tips and know-how, planning a teenage disco birthday party can be simple and rewarding.

Costume Party

Make your disco birthday party a costume party so that teenagers can dress up in some groovy duds. On the invite, suggest guests raid their parents' closets for the most outrageous '70s items they can find. At the party, hand out prizes for costume categories like biggest hair and widest bell bottoms. Prizes can be disco-era items like lava lamps or hula hoops. For added fun, have a camera on hand to take pictures of each costume so that you can later give guests a copy of their photo.


Dancing is one activity that defines the disco era, and planning a dance area for a disco party will make the party feel authentic. Decorate the area that will serve as the dance floor with a disco ball and stage lights in bright colours. During the party, have someone available who can teach guests dance moves from the '70s, like the Hustle and the Electric Slide. Once lessons are over, divide guests into teams and see who can do the dances the best, for a dance-off reminiscent of "Saturday Night Fever."

Party Food

At your disco birthday party, serve food items associated with the '70s. Serve guests soda in retro glass bottles and glasses of Tang and have jars of retro candy out for guests to take. Other popular '70s food like devilled eggs, melon wrapped with ham, and Waldorf salad can also be placed out with other food dishes. When possible, print out the '70s labels of the food items you serve to put alongside the food for a more vintage feel.

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