Good persuasive speech topics on sports

A persuasive speech does not necessarily have to be from the perspective with which you agree. You may find that you actually prepare a better speech when you approach a topic from the adverse opinion you share because you are forced to do more research to back up that opinion. When crafting a persuasive speech on the topic of sports, try to come up with an idea that is naturally controversial and creates solid arguments on both sides of the issue. Then challenge yourself by forcing yourself to write a speech where you must seek out facts rather than relying on persuasion through opinion.


Steroid use may not be rampant in baseball, but it is an issue. Records have been tainted and easy entry into the Hall of Fame has become questionable for some legendary players. This issue raises several possibilities for persuasive speeches. You could try to persuade your audience that a special Cheaters Hall of Fame should be built to accommodate steroid-abusing players or you could try to persuade listeners that all steroids should be legalised in order to level the playing field.

Soccer in America

Soccer is the world's most popular sport, but has never achieved the same level of popularity in the United States. A number of different theories have been forwarded as to why Americans have failed to embrace soccer. Pick one of these theories or come up with your own and persuade your audience that this is the reason for soccer's failure in the United States.

Offensive Nicknames

Many sports have nicknames considered offensive to Native Americans. Write a persuasive speech that convinces listeners that teams like the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians and even the Florida State Univiversity Seminoles should change their names as well as their mascots.

Pregame Prayer

The National Anthem is played before every sporting event in America. In many cases, especially at the high school level, there is also a prayer. Convince listeners that saying a prayer before sporting events is either a violation of the concept of separation of church and state at the school level or could be considered offensive to some fans at the professional level if all religions are not awarded equal status.

Salaries and Performance

Professional athletes are among the highest-paid workers in America. In the past, the reward for doing well was a bonus for performance or a bonus for winning a championship. Craft a persuasive speech in which you argue that the level of professional athletics in America has suffered as a result of the high salaries. Begin by questioning whether a professional athlete dares to play at his peak ability at all times when millions of dollars are on the line in the event of a career-ending injury.

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