Interior Lounge Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you hope to create a comfortable spot to entertain a crowd or a simple place for you and your significant other, an interior lounge may provide just the type of space you need. An area typically dedicated to relaxation, a lounge can occupy any room of your house from the basement to the basic seating hot spot off the living room.

Comfortable Seating

Since the purpose of a lounge is to relax, invest in comfortable seating. If you only need your space to accommodate two people, think about purchasing a matching set of interior lounge-style chairs, such as chaises. If curling up is more your style than stretching out, place large, overstuffed chairs with ottomans on either side of the room. For entertaining spaces, try a long or corner couch to maximise your seating area.

Sleek Storage

Relaxing means a lot of different things to different people. Thus an interior lounge can include a variety of unique items, from movies to books to hobby essentials. To keep your lounge clear of clutter, add the storage you need from the beginning to make your space continually comfortable. If you're a movie buff, try adding a media wall with extra storage for your favourites. If books are more your style, don't forget the shelves. You can usually store essentials for the hobby of your choice in deep drawers or even colourful baskets.

Mood Lighting

If you hope to create a truly relaxing room, don't forget to plan the lighting beforehand. Add task lighting, such as pendant lights or individual lamps, over chairs meant for reading and tables set up for entertaining groups of people. To obtain a soft or relaxing ambience in the room, try recessed lighting, such as inexpensive canister lights, throughout the area to keep the dark at bay.

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