Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Updated March 23, 2017

Although many people do not give much thought to the hinges used on their kitchen cabinets, these pieces of hardware actually have a significant decorative impact on the overall look of the kitchen. When you want to add a touch of flair to the room, consider using cabinet hinges with a decorative element. If you prefer a simple look, consider concealed cabinet hinges. Regardless of your specific needs and tastes, several kitchen cabinet hinges are available for your choosing.

Visible Hinges

Certain types of kitchen cabinet hinges serve as decorative elements for the interior design. For example, knuckle hinges and lacquered cabinet hinges are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, colours and finishes. In addition to serving their basic functional purposes, they also add an element of style to the kitchen. When the cabinet door is shut, these types of hinges are still visible. According to, these types of kitchen hinges are available in "brass, polished brass, burnished brass, nickel, satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and wrought iron." Select a colour and finish that best matches the current decor of your kitchen.

Hidden Hinges

Flush door hinges and cabinet pivot hinges are concealed behind the door of the kitchen cabinet; they are not visible when the cabinet door is closed. According to, the specific concealed cabinet hinge you need depends on whether your cabinets feature a wooden frame that overlays the front surface. In some cases, cabinets have no wooden frame attached and the door is simply hinged to the edges of the cabinet. When the flush door hinge is installed, you see only the barrel of the hinge from the outside of the cabinet when the door is closed. When the pivot hinge is installed and the door is closed, you see only a small portion of the pivot point.

Hinges With Special Features

Some types of kitchen cabinet hinges, such as the lift-joint hinge and loose-pin hinge, allow the cabinet door to remove easily. Once the hinges have been installed onto the cabinet door and frame, the cabinet doors easily lift away and pull off the hinge, which stays connected to the frame. These types of hinges benefit people who must remove their cabinet doors often, such as in the case of frequent painting or cleaning.

For homes with small children or pets, consider using self-closing hinges for cabinet doors. According to, if a cabinet door with self-closing hinges is left open, the hinges "gently snap the door back into place." In most cases, these types of hinges are visible on the outside of the cabinet.

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