Ideas for an unused fireplace

Updated February 21, 2017

Spruce up your unused fireplace and make it useful in another way. A fireplace can be a focal point for your room, even if it is never used for containing a fire. There are many ways to use your fireplace as a decorative architectural feature.

Mirrored Candle Display

Keep the fireplace glowing with a mirrored candle display to reflect the flames of the candles you use. Clean your fireplace thoroughly to remove any soot or ash if it has ever been used. Place a mirror into the back of the fireplace. Use a mirror that has been cut to the dimensions of the fireplace, or use one with a decorative frame. Place three or four pillar candle holders of varying heights into the fireplace, in front of the mirror. Place pillar candles into the holders and burn them whenever you want to experience some ambient glow.

Book Cubby

Use your fireplace to hold your book collection. Place a small bookcase into your fireplace, or hang a few shelves on the back wall of the fireplace for your books. Display your favourite books, especially leather-bound and decoratively covered books. Arrange a few books on top of the mantle as well, with some decorative bookends to hold them in place.

Fire Screen

Hide your fireplace behind a decorative screen. Purchase a screen from your local home interior or department store. Decorate the mantel with candles, flowers and a clock. Hang a portrait or family photo behind the mantel on the wall above.

Television Alcove

Use your fireplace to house your television, so your fireplace remains the focal point of your room, even when you are watching television. Hang a curtain on a track under the mantel so you can hide your television when it is not in use. Decorate the mantel with knick-knacks and a vase of fresh flowers.

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