Health & safety craft ideas for children

Updated November 21, 2016

Health and safety crafts teach children about health principles and safety rules. These crafts are an excellent opportunity for kids to learn what to do in an emergency situation such as a fire. Health crafts teach children about eating beneficial foods such as fruits and vegetables, and other healthy lifestyle habits.

Food Pyramid

A simple craft for kids of all ages is a custom made food pyramid. Buy a large coloured pyramid to show the kids as an example. Give each child one large piece of 20 x 20 inch card stock. Have the kids trace a pyramid with a ruler and divide and label the various sections. Teach the children about the different sections of the food pyramid and show them how to cut out different foods from construction paper. For instance, the kids can use purple construction paper to draw and cut out grapes or eggplant. After they have cut out all their foods, have them glue them on the correct sections of their pyramids.

Food Art

Another way to teach children about health is to give them various types of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples and watermelon. Ask the kids to paint faces or designs on the fruits and then do a class presentation about the benefits of each fruit. The idea is to get them thinking about healthy eating. Allow them to snack on other non-painted fruits and vegetables after all of the presentations are complete.

Phone Number Craft

Teach children how to memorise their home phone numbers. Find and verify all the children's phone numbers. Ask each child to paint a collage with her specific phone number. The kids can paint the numbers different colours and include designs of animals or their families. Ask the children to read their numbers out loud and then quiz them on their numbers later to see if they remember them. This is a safety craft because a child may need to call her home phone number if she is ever separated from her parents.

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