What Are the Benefits of Sandalwood Powder & Rose Water?

Updated November 21, 2016

Homeopathic and holistic remedies use herbs and natural substances to treat illnesses or problems rather than chemicals. Two very popular holistic substances are rose water and sandalwood. Each has its own benefits, but holistic health practitioners often combine them to increase their effectiveness. Rose water is a rose petal tea. You can purchase it or make it by filling a sun tea jar with rose petals and water and allowing it to steep for several days. Sandalwood for holistic use comes from the cambrium or thin, moist layer of tree bark between the rough outer bark and inner wood. It comes in strips or powdered.

Sandalwood's Benefits

Sandalwood, according to the I Love India website, helps tone the skin and pores, rids the skin of acne and blackheads and makes it glow. A paste of powdered sandalwood, coconut oil and almond oil soften the skin and rid the face of rough areas. According to the Yourty website, a paste made of sandalwood and turmeric helps get rid of acne. Sandalwood paste also can help get rid of rashes, heal burns, relieve symptoms of eczema and psoriasis and dry flaky skin on the hands and feet. Sandalwood paste on the temples helps relieve headaches.

Sandalwood is mixed with rice, water, sugar and honey to treat gastrointestinal problems. And a thick sandalwood paste spread over the forehead is said to relieve fever, according to the Natural Home-Remedies website.

Rose Water's Benefits

Rose water makes a cleansing toner for the face, especially for those with sensitive or dry skin, according to the Rose-Works website. It does not dry out skin the way some chemical cleansers do, Rose-Works states, but leaves the skin feeling fresh with tight pores. The best way to use rose water as a facial toner is to put a few drops on a cotton ball and use it after a daily cleansing routine. This sweeps away any cleanser residue and helps prevent blackheads and further acne breakouts. Rose water also helps keep the skin healthy, giving it a dewy appearance when used daily.

Mixing Sandalwood and Rose Water

Since both sandalwood and rose water come highly recommended for skin care, mixing them is a natural step. According to Natural Home-Remedies, these ingredients are said to get rid of acne and acne scars as well as helping to prevent breakouts. They are also supposed to help keep the skin healthy and clean. Yourty reccomends a thick paste of rose water and sandalwood powder applied to the face as an acne and acne scar treatment with these ingredients. Keep the mask on until it dries, then rise with cool water and a soft towel. The treatment should be used no more than three times a week; regular treatment should prevent dryness.

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