Plaster Stenciling Ideas

Written by catherine fiorentino | 13/05/2017
Plaster Stenciling Ideas
Add texture to your decor with plaster stencilling. (Golden ceiling image by Leopold from

Plaster stencilling can be a quick and inexpensive way to dress up the walls, cupboards, ceilings, and even tile in your home. It's a simple process involving only the stencil or stencils, plaster, masking tape and a flat end trowel. Plaster stencilling can add instant texture and visual interest even to the most boring surface.


Spice up boring walls with raised, plaster stencilled wallpaper. Branches, flowers, Victorian designs and damask textures are a few of the many options available. Wallpaper plaster stencils typically cost around £11 each. This cost is a huge savings compared to the hundreds of dollars some homeowners spend to wallpaper a single room.


Spectacular looks can be achieved by using plaster stencils on the ceiling. Create a Greek paradise or a garden extravaganza with coliseum inspired portholes and lattice work or raised floral patterns. Plaster stencils can be used with plaster stencil moulds and careful design to create your own Sistine Chapel.

Faux Marble

Give counter tops, walls, plaques, and other surfaces a marble surface by angling your stencils and blending two colours of plaster. Add fine, squiggly lines with a small tip paintbrush for the veined, marble effect.


Those interested in attaining the look of a granite counter top without paying exorbitant amounts of money can do so with plaster stencils. Special stencil designs are available for this work. Paint a dark colour on the counter top and then layer medium and light paint colours with the granite stencil.


One of the more exciting, albeit intricate, options for plaster stencilling is the classic mural. Become a fine artist in minutes by combining stencils of trees, branches, birds and flowers to bring a lovely garden mural scene to life in your living room. Whether you choose a simple or complex design, the raised stencils will give your wall or ceiling unmistakable texture.

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