Funny 18th birthday gifts

Updated November 21, 2016

Many teens see their 18th birthday as a right of passage into adulthood. This is partially true; 18-year-olds legally can get married, enlist in the armed forces, vote and purchase cigarettes. They also can buy property and work more than 20 hours a week. For many, it is a time to start college or a career. Eighteen-year-olds often are a mix adult maturity mingled with childlike silliness. Humorous 18th birthday gifts add to the celebration of reaching this milestone.

Exploding Cigarettes

Since smoking is an unhealthy habit, this gift will shock any 18-year-old--twice. This is an especially funny gift for an 18-year-old whose parents have been lecturing him about the dangers of smoking from an early age. The parents can tell their teen that they decided he should try smoking to see how vile it is. When the birthday boy attempts to open this pack, he triggers a small explosion with a loud pop and some smoke. This will cause plenty of laughter and good-natured teasing.

Birth Year CD

Some companies produce birth year CDs: compact discs packed with the biggest musical hits from the year the birthday girl was born. While some of these hits may be classics, others will be songs that have been spoofed or that seem terrible in retrospect. The guests can listen to the CD while the party goes on, reminiscing about the past and laughing over the kinds of music that used to be popular. Most of these CDs come with cards printed with iconic advertisements and newspaper headlines from that year. This gift not only is potentially hilarious, but it also creates a bit of nostalgia.

Backwards Clock

College students and teens are notorious for sleeping late and lacking punctuality. Parents and friends can poke fun at this stereotype (especially if it's true for the 18-year-old) by gifting him a backwards-running clock. The hands are synced to run counter-clockwise so that the clock is always six hours behind other clocks. It will no doubt amuse and confuse any 18-year-old. It also makes a perfect addition to a dorm room or first apartment. Parents may want to make sure that their new adult also has a regular clock to rely on.

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