Ideas for church Christmas decorating

Updated February 21, 2017

Having the right decorations at your church make the Christmas holiday services more festive. Colourful embellishments add to the joy of the season with symbolism and reminders of what the special season represents. Mixing new ideas with old customs will turn your church into a enjoyable spectacle for the congregation.

A Gift

As the Bible says Jesus was a gift to the world, Christians exchange gifts with one another during the season. Use this concept to decorate your church. Cover doorways with wrapping paper to give the appearance of presents. To enhance this appearance, add large bows to the centre or upper area of the doors. Wrap the pulpit in coloured paper along with wall pictures and other decoration in the sanctuary. Wrap empty boxes and place them on all tables and wrap various sizes of boxes to line the stage area. Place brightly coloured bows on the edge of each pew along the isle and even on songbooks for the Christmas service. If your church presents a Christmas tree, decorate its branches with mini present ornaments and place multiple wrapped boxes under and around it. Place large stacks of presents in various places around the church including the corners of the stage, along the isles and in the foyer. Hang small or light wrapped boxes from chandeliers, light fixtures or the rafters. Attach two or three presents to a longer string to be hung from the ceiling for a mobile effect.


Use evergreen vines and plants, such as holly and ivy, to decorate a church at Christmas time. Adorn every door and the edge of each pew with evergreen wreaths and boughs of holly. Hang strands of ivy or branches from fern or spruce trees on the walls of the sanctuary and in the foyer. Decorate a Christmas tree using holly, mistletoe and lengths of ivy vine. Adorn the pulpit with a holly wreath and line the stage or surrounding area with Ivy or other evergreen vines and branches. Cut branches do not remain green long. Perform this type of decorating less than two days prior to the Christmas service.

Silver Stars

The Bible tells of a bright star in the sky on the night of Jesus birth which guided the Wise Men to his location. Use this star as a theme for decorating your church. Hang large silver cut-out stars on strings from the ceiling around the entire inside area. Decorate the ends of the pews with smaller or medium size stars and place them on any windows. Use silver and star-shaped ornaments for your Christmas tree. Hang silver stars on a length of garland to line the edge of the stage and surround the pulpit area.

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