The Requirements for Wood Burning Stoves in Mobile Homes

Written by janetz | 13/05/2017
The Requirements for Wood Burning Stoves in Mobile Homes
Be aware of regulations when installing a wood stove in a mobile home. (old Russian stove image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

If you are considering installing a wood burning stove in a mobile home, pay attention to the many regulations involved. Manufacturers, insurance companies, local, state and federal agencies all have their requirements or recommendations for the installation or safety concerns of a stove in a mobile home.


The Requirements for Wood Burning Stoves in Mobile Homes
Check with your insurance company about having a stove in your mobile home. (Camping â€" Mobilhome image by albillottet from

Before purchasing a wood stove, speak with the insurance company about the addition of a stove on your policy and how it will effect your coverage. Some carriers may require professional installation of this appliance before adding coverage to your policy. To get coverage it may be necessary to complete extensive remodelling according to their requirements and/or pay higher premiums.


The Requirements for Wood Burning Stoves in Mobile Homes
Codes, regulations and safety apply to the stove. (1201 - livre ancien (détourage inclus) image by Michel Bazin from

Wood stoves installed in mobile homes must be approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). When purchasing a new stove, check with HUD to make sure it's an approved stove. Stoves used in mobile homes must be designed specifically for mobiles. You an purchase adaptor kits to bring older models into compliance.

You must meet HUD regulations for chimney, duct work and installation requirements prior to installation. Underwriters Laboratories or another nationally recognised agency using the same standard tests must approve the stove.


The Requirements for Wood Burning Stoves in Mobile Homes
A large cast iron wood burning stove is a luxury in a mobile home. (Old Stove and Antique Chair image by bawinner from

Read the requirements on the manufacturer's warranty when shopping for a stove. Some warranties become void if a professional does not install the stove. Manufacturers should provide basic clearance information and installation requirements based on laboratory conditions and an EPA label certifying the stove.

National Fire Protection Association

The Requirements for Wood Burning Stoves in Mobile Homes
Use a match to get a fire burning in your wood stove. (Burning match on a black background image by Serhiy Kobyakov from

All stove installations for mobile homes must satisfy National Fire Safety codes. The National Fire Protection Association will provide you with installation requirements and safety tips. After complying with regulations and codes for all organisations, learn as much information as you can about safety tips for using wood stoves.


The Requirements for Wood Burning Stoves in Mobile Homes
Get plenty of wood to burn in the stove. (wood pile image by Melking from

Installation of a wood burning stove in a mobile home requires a local building inspection, usually performed by county offices for your area. Check with local building inspectors to determine if a permit is required, and get a list of building code requirements. The local fire brigade or extension service can supply additional information. The EPA certification label on the stove should supply information you need about whether or not the stove complies with local ordinances.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The Requirements for Wood Burning Stoves in Mobile Homes
Open the chimney for air ventilation. (chimney image by lefebvre_jonathan from

Review the EPA website under ordinances to see what specific burning laws apply to your state or city. For example, some cities have tight regulations on burning during some winter months on poor air quality days. The EPA provides educational information about what to burn and how to burn it properly, as well as health and safety information in their Burn Wise program.

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