The best electric vegetable steamers

Updated February 21, 2017

In today's world, the health-conscious foodie rarely has time enough to make quality, healthy meals on a daily basis. Electrical vegetable steamers are an essential tool for the time-pressed vegetable lover. The steaming process retains all of the nutrients of food without contaminating it with cooking additives. The right electrical steamer allows foodies to put together some ingredients, set a timer and get on with business while the meal cooks.

Morphy Richards 48780

The Morphy Richards 48780 Intellisteam Steamer is Amazon UK's top-rated electrical vegetable steamer and the number one editor's choice from Steamer Reviews. The Intellisteam has a number of cutting-edge features, from removable compartmental divisions that allow for rice, vegetables, and sauces to be steamed simultaneously, to an "Instant Steam Production feature that allows having instant cooking and aids a lot in retaining the vitamins and minerals." The Morphy Richards 48780's coup d'├ętat is its digital intelligent timer, which insures not only that food is cooked properly, but that everything is cooked to its own specifications, so that the components of a meal are ready at the same time.

Morphy Richards Food Fusion

Steamer Reviews' Editor's Choice number two is another Morphy product, the Morphy Richards Food Fusion Stainless Steel Steamer 48751. The Food Fusion is a three-tiered stainless-steel vegetable steamer that allows for multiple dishes to be cooked simultaneously. A separate rice container provides for more liberal use of the three tiers, while the bottom of each tray can be removed to permit larger items to be steamed. The Food Fusion's stackable nature allows for easy storage and minimal use of space.

Russell Hobbs

The Russell Hobbs 15071 3 Tier 9 Litre White Food Steamer is an Amazon UK 2010 best seller. A simpler vegetable steamer than its Morphy counterparts, the Russell Hobbs steamer is durable plastic, for washing convenience. Its steam compartment offers spout access, so water can be easily poured in and out without dismantling the cooker before and after each use. A 75-minute timer and visible water gauge allow for large cooking projects and easy monitoring of the steaming process.

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