6th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men

Written by alyson paige | 13/05/2017
6th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men
Give him traditioanl gifts for a sixth anniversary. (anniversary image by Arpad Nagy-Bagoly from Fotolia.com)

It's your sixth anniversary. You want to honour your years together by giving your groom gifts that will make him smile and touch his heart. Look to traditional or modern gifts to please him. Traditional sixth-anniversary gifts include candy and iron. Amethyst and turquoise serve as dual gem stones for the sixth anniversary, according to HappyAnniversary.com. Or, give him a gift made of wood, which is the modern take on a sixth-anniversary present.

Intimate Delights

6th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men
Chocolate mousse offers a sweet delight on a sixth anniversary. (chocolate pudding with chocolate curls in a martini glass image by David Smith from Fotolia.com)

Candy offers creative and romantic possibilities for your husband's sixth-anniversary gift. Light candles in your bedroom and scatter rose petals on silky sheets. Set a cast iron skillet, to serve as a tray, with two crystal glasses filled with decadent chocolate mousse. Invite your groom to an evening or afternoon of sweet and romantic delight. Adding a cast iron serving tray incorporates the second traditional sixth-anniversary material.


6th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men
Give him a golf club for a traditional sixth-anniversary gift. (Golf clubs image by yummy from Fotolia.com)

Since iron is one of the two traditional gift ideas for a sixth anniversary, give him two five-pound and two one-pound free weights to use as book ends in his office. Engrave your anniversary date and a line, such as "You will always be my heavy weight." If your husband plays golf, give him a nine-iron or another golf club.

Wood and Turquoise

6th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men
Detailed wooden boxes make lasting sixth-anniversary gifts. (wooden box image by Alexander Zhiltsov from Fotolia.com)

Giving your groom wood offers creative options for a sixth-anniversary gift. For a gift that he will enjoy on different levels, give him an exquisite wooden box filled with gourmet chocolates. Or place a silver and turquoise tie clip or money clip on his pillow as a goodnight sixth-anniversary gift.

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