Ninja Birthday Party Games for Kids

Written by gerri blanc
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Ninja Birthday Party Games for Kids
Give your ninja boy or girl an exciting birthday with ninja-themed party games. (ninja in training image by Paul Moore from

When preparing for a ninja-themed birthday party, the activities can become the most difficult aspect to create. After all, most birthday games don't involve karate moves. However, you can still play some entertaining party games sure to make all of your ninja party guests cheer for more.

Throw the Ninja Stars

Test your party guests' accuracy by playing this game. Before the game, cut some ninja star shapes out of a piece of cardboard. Make enough so every player has five stars. Players paint each set of five stars a different colour or pattern so you can distinguish every players' stars during the game. Place a target on the ground for the players to aim their stars at. Have the guests surround the target in a circle. When you say "Go," the players all throw their stars at the target. The player with the most stars closest to the centre of the circle wins the game. Continue playing for several rounds.

Break the Board Relay

Determine each of your ninja guests' strength by playing this game. On one side of the play area, place a foam board on each of two separate sets of blocks. Have ready a foam board for every player. Divide the players into two teams and line them up on the other side of the party area. When you say "Go," the first players run to their team's boards on the other side and try to crack the boards using the sides of their hands alone. After they do this, they race back to their teams, prompting the next players in line to take their turns. Place a new board on the blocks after every player finishes his turn. The first team to have all its players successfully break the boards and return back to their line wins the game.

Protect the Magical Orb

See how agile your ninjas have become by playing this game from the website Quest Experiences. Gather all of the players in a circle and hand each player his own plastic sword. When ready, throw a balloon into the circle. Tell the ninjas they have to keep the magical orb from touching the ground using only their swords. Feel free to throw more balloons into the circle to make the game more challenging. Continue until the balloon hits the ground.

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