Easy Things to Make From Paper

Updated February 21, 2017

Paper is a versatile craft material that is ideal for making a multitude of creations. If your children are bored on a rainy day, simply set out a stack of colourful paper and show them how to make these paper crafts.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are easy to make and children will love using them during pretend play. Cut 4-inch to 5-inch circles out of tissue paper. Layer the sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and gather them up at the centre. Tie a green chenille stick around the gather to hold the tissues in place. Separate the tissues with your fingers. Roll some of the edges with your fingers to make some of the petals appear aged.

Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are ideal to decorate your home during the winter months when children spend more of their time indoors. To create a simple paper snowflake, fold a piece of white printing paper in half, and then turn the paper so that the fold is facing up. Fold one of the top corners toward the middle of the paper, and then fold the other top corner toward the middle. Fold the entire paper in half horizontally to create a triangle. Cut out shapes from the triangle and cut the bottom edge into an arch. Open up the paper to see your snowflake.

Paper Pinwheel

Children will enjoy playing with a handmade paper pinwheel on a windy day. They are simple to make and use minimal materials to create. Cut out a square from a piece of paper that measures roughly 4 inches on all sides. Cut the corners in toward the centre of the square. This will create four flaps. Collect the left corners of all of the flaps and stick a thumbtack through them. Push the thumbtack into the side of a pencil eraser. Hold onto the pencil when in the wind to see the pinwheel spin.

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