Italian Crafts for Children

Written by elizabeth arnold | 13/05/2017
Italian Crafts for Children
Kids can make Italian crafts using dry pasta. (noodles image by Milena Lachowicz from

Know for its delectable pasta dishes as well as its timeless Renaissance-style artwork and architecture, Italy is a rich source of inspiration for decorative crafts. Make learning enjoyable for children by making crafts that correspond with each lesson about Italy, whether it's the country's vibrant culture, food or history. When making Italian crafts, focus on red and green colours. Not only are the hues reminiscent of flavourful Italian tomato sauces sprinkled with basil, they represent the country's flag. Besides being educational tools, the crafts also make ideal decorations and favours for Italian-themed parties.

Pasta Italian Flag

Have kids craft an Italian flag replica using a pantry staple. The flag consists of three equally-sized vertical bands of green, white and red. Paint two dry rigatoni noodles white, two green and two red. Glue the coloured noodles together on a piece of construction paper to form an Italian flag. Working from left to right, the order of the noodles should be green, white and red. Finish the craft by gluing a toothpick at the bottom of the first green noodle as a flag post.

Paper Gelato Cone

Whip up a sweet Italian treat using paper items. Cut gelato scoop shapes out of white, pink and green construction paper. Gelato, which is made of milk, cream, sugar and fruit and nut purées, is Italy's own version of ice cream; popular gelato flavours include vanilla, strawberry and pistachio. Cut a cone shape out of a piece of cardboard featuring a waffle pattern. Glue the cone to a piece of card stock or construction paper. Then assemble and attach the scoops to the top to form a gelato cone.

Handmade Gondola

Kids can make crafty replicas of the gondolas that traverse Italy's canals. Create the gondola by folding a piece of black construction paper, cutting it to resemble a boat bow and gluing the ends to form sterns. Make the gondola's beak by cutting its shape out of white construction paper and decorating it with glue and gold glitter. When the glue is dry, attach the beak to the front of the gondola. Kids can decorate the boat using glitter glue, stickers or markers.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Craft

Italy's leaning Tower of Pisa, which is Cathedral Square's oldest structure, is a freestanding bell tower that shifted due to a poorly laid foundation. Start the simple craft by cutting the bottom of an empty toilet paper roll at angle, to form the base of the leaning tower. Cut several white pipe cleaners into 2-inch pieces and bend them into arch shapes. Glue a straight piece of white pipe cleaner around the top of the roll, and glue the arch-shaped pieces directly under it, curved sides up. Glue another straight pipe cleaner under the arched pieces, and continue the process until the entire roll is covered.

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