Garage Door Lock Types

Updated April 17, 2017

A garage door lock is a device that is used to secure a garage door. It is important to secure the valuable items that are kept in a garage. If your garage happens to be attached to your home, a garage door lock is even more critical because it ensures that your home is also secure. There are different types of garage door locks that offer different levels of security, such as the side door bolt, T-handle lock, electronic garage door lock and the deadbolt lock.

Side Door Bolt

The side door bolt lock is the most common and simplest type of lock for a garage door. It is generally the type of lock that comes with a garage door. This type of lock is attached to the inside of the door and has a bolt that slides into a receiving slot in the door track, ensuring that the door can not be opened from the outside.

T-Handle Lock

The T-handle lock is another simple yet effective locking system. This type of lock is installed on the outside of the door. It gets its name from the handle used to operate the lock because it is shaped like the letter "T." This type of lock has two bolts that go into slots on each of the door tracks keeping the door from being opened. Since it is on the outside of the door, it has a key-operated lock that ensures that the handle can not be moved without the key.

Electronic Door Lock

The electronic door lock uses advanced technology to secure your garage door. They are expensive, but they are very secure. This type of lock still uses bolts that slide into the tracks of the garage door, but they are heavier-duty bolts. There is no key with this type of lock as it uses fingerprints to lock and unlock the door. You can also get models that use a password that is put into a keypad. Professional installation is recommended with this type of locking system.

Deadbolt Lock

The deadbolt lock is used for entry doors that you have on your garage. They provide maximum security for a garage door. They come in many different models. This type of lock is operated by key as a "T" lock on the large garage door. If you have a "T" lock you can have your deadbolt set to use the same key so that one key operates both locks. The bolt on this type of lock goes into the door frame. If you have windows in your garage door, use a double-cylinder deadbolt. A double-cylinder deadbolt has no turn switch on the inside; it is operated by key on both sides of the lock.

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